Start Working and Living in Australia with Some Help


Australia is a great land of opportunities. Anyone going there to work, either via a working holiday or a more permanent arrangement, has a great chance of earning a good amount of money. They also have access to a better standard of living.

If you’re interested in going here to work or emigrate. There are several requirements to pass. A working holiday visa is different from a full work visa, while a permanent emigration visa is also a lot more difficult to get. Here is some basic information on the types of visas available.

Working in Australia

One of the easiest work visas to get is the working holiday visa. All you need is to be over 18, not have a dependent child with you when in Australia, and have a passport from an eligible country. You can apply from abroad and in Australia itself. Processing is done in just a month.

This will give you a year of working in selected industries. Working in Australia with a working holiday visa should be easy. It includes the following industries:  plant and animal cultivation, fishing and pearling, tree farming and felling, mining, and construction.

If you want to go beyond those industries, you will need to get a formal work visa. There are different types of work visas available. The best one is the skilled independent visa. You will need to pass several tests and be qualified in certain industries to get this, but it will be the best way to get a working visa for Australia


If you find work in Australia, migration to Australia is not far behind. It can be a bit of a challenge, but it should be easy to do if you got the right paperwork. Uprooting and moving to another country is a major move though. You will need to lay down the foundation by knowing where you are going to live and what sort of job you will be doing.

Take note though that the entire process will take up to six months. This is a long time and you will want all the help that you can get to shorten it.

Getting some help

This is where the professional visa services come in. Though it is the Australian government that approves and processes the visas, there are dozens of third-party agencies that can give you advice on how to get visa approval. With their help, you can get your migration questions answered and have the assistance you need to deal with any problems that pop up.

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