Get Started Sewing your own Things with a Basic Sewing Machine

Sewing your own things is not as difficult as others may think. Learning the skill of sewing is easy and beginning with simple and beginner’s sewing project allows you to learn the basics and enjoy the experience as well. Using discount fabrics also allows you to save money on fabrics.

setupyoursewingTo get started to sewing your won things is to have a basic sewing machine. Sewing machines for beginners are the best type to own, as most have basic stitches to sew simple sewing projects. Your machine should have the straight stitch that is used for the majority of sewing projects. It also should allow you to do backstitching at the end of sewing. Some basic machines for beginners have Lock-a-matic stitch that allows an automatic knot at the beginning and at the end of every sewing.  Don’t go for the fancy stitches because as long as your machine has the straight, bind hem, the zigzag and easy-steps buttonhole stitches, you can get along well using discount fabrics on any of your simple sewing projects. An easy-threading machine is also the best for easy threading. Also look for a basic sewing machine with automatic tension for a stable straight quality on any type of fabrics you’ll be using.

Your basic sewing machine is also the best to start with a simple quilting project. The straight stitch allows you to do simple quilting or joining pieces together using discount fabrics. As long as your machine will allow you to adjust the width, the length and the tension for each piecing and joining, there is no problem using basic sewing machine. Just make sure it is giving a good straight stitch and you’ll have no problem doing quilting projects. You can also use your basic sewing machine when doing appliqués with the zigzag and bind hem stitch and it also serves as a good starter for machine quilting but make sure the motor is good for long hours of sewing and it has free motion or darning foot and walking foot for ditching or free motion quilting projects.

Whether what you have is either an old or a brand new basic sewing machine, you can get started as fine. You can go and sign up with a sewing blog and get free tutorials and free patterns on simple and beginner’s sewing projects and get started enjoying the joys of sewing your own things.

Sewing your own things can be fulfilling, get started now and find your sewing tools and accessories here at

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