Tasmania Golf Course Package Checklist

Golf tours in Tasmania have been popular for some time already because of their accessibility and general beauty. Tasmania boasts a lot of spectacular views and attractions that would leave you wanting more. Aside from that, Tasmania is also a hotspot for golf enthusiasts with its different courses, scattered across the region. That said, you can expect different experiences from each one, which makes traveling worth it.

If you’re eyeing trying out some of these courses, there are some things that you might want to be prepared for first. Here’s a comprehensive checklist that you may use to make sure that you’re getting the best out of these Tasmania golf tours.


Tasmania golf trips usually last days or even weeks, so you need to have somewhere to stay to take advantage of the whole trip. Of course, most of the trip packages that you might have been offered have their accommodation options, but you can always look for your own if you think that the indicated hotel or inn on your package is not a place you’re comfortable in.

However, it is only recommended to do this if you’re not tight on budget. With golf tours in Tasmania, the packages that you can avail of with accommodation can get you some nice discounts. These properties are also handpicked by the agency so that you won’t spend more time and resources getting to the golfing location for the day.


Golf tours in Tasmania barely include food and snacks on their packages. You might have some complimentary breakfast from your accommodation, but even then, it isn’t enough if you’re aiming to spend the whole day on the course.

Food is essential for energy, to keep you going for your daily activities so it is advised that you add some to your budget, since you won’t know how much it would cost to buy food in Tasmania. Do some research and if possible, you may also pack your stuff so that you can save some expenses.

Golf Apparel

Lastly, you need to be ready and suited for these courses so that you won’t run into any interruptions and get the best out of your money. From caps, shirts, and even your golf gear, make sure that you have enough of those depending on the days or weeks that you will be spending in Tasmania.

There are many more locations in Australia that are worth exploring, but nothing beats Tasmania as an introduction for people that are just starting when it comes to golf. It has the best views and locations and all the people in this location are very welcoming to tourists. We’re sure that you’ll have a good time golfing in Tasmania.

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