Pre-Purchase Site Inspection 101

Buying a house, or any property for that matter, is one of the trickiest things that you will ever do – and it’s not just because of the expenses. The most demanding part is pre-inspection with private certifiers.

Most buyers go through several properties before they actually find one that will suit them in all aspects. To save you time and energy, here are some of those that you should take into consideration for property inspection.

Primary Requirements of Pre-Inspection

There are numerous attributes of a property that you need to assess during the first phase of the inspection. But, to make it easy for you according to expert building certifiers Sydney, we have clustered those in one. These are:

  • Location of the property
  • Size (interior of the house and the actual land space)
  • Age of the property
  • Access to facilities (electricity, water, telephone, etc.)
  • Style

All these should, of course, fit your needs and the needs of your family or your business. Usually, people out to buy already have something in mind when it comes to those aspects but it’s also nice to be open to options private certifiers can give which you have not thought of at all.

Structural Assessment

Once everything enumerated above is agreeable to you – the buyer, the next thing to do is check inside the actual house or building unit.

structural property investmentThis is where things get a bit more complicated. Those mentioned above can be assessed practically without the help of an expert. But the ones which will be listed below should be evaluated by professional private certifiers Sydney.

  • Floor boards (sloping and bouncy ones will need to be replaced)
  • Walls (damp ones might mean salt or rising damp from faulty plumbing, moldy ones could mean excessive moisture inside the house, cracks on the wall indicate subsidence which will require the skills of an engineer for replacement)
  • Paintwork (bubbles may indicate termite infestation)
  • Brickwork (fretting means structural problems and this will cost you a lot)
  • Roof (sagging means replacement – and this is expensive!)

Some buyers are meticulous so they still want to be present during the actual home or property evaluation. But there are those who rely on good private certifiers and inspection experts. So, if you’re the workaholic type with no extra time on your hands, finding a trusted professional who can do it for you would be a great start.

The necessity of site inspection is paramount before purchase, building certifiers are nearby when you need one or contact

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