Getting Help for Emergency Upholstery Cleaning

During my last business trip to Sydney, I stayed at a service apartment for an extended stay in the city. I had some friends over and had a red wine emergency. I had to call on an upholstery cleaning service for a red wine emergency. Red wine was spilled on the sofa and I had to have it cleaned quickly. I didn’t want to lose my deposit over a wine spill.

imperial_carpet_cleaningOne of the best reasons to stay in a city like Sydney is the level of service by various utility and cleaning agencies. The upholstery cleaning service I contracted was good and fast, and had the stain out within the week. There was no trace of the stain, unless you really looked very hard and you knew where to look. I was almost at the end of my stay when it happened, and just had the good luck that I was not leaving the day after the emergency. The level of professionalism of this company gave me assurance that it would be fixed in no time.

There is a myth that upholstery cleaning is something that can be done easily, in a day or even in hours. The truth is that it is something that requires skill, experience, and some thought. You would think that twine on leather should be a no brainer or that the wine would just disperse and flow. However, when you don’t know anything about leather, and you notice that the leather stain seems to become darker and more prominent, there is no more time to waste but call in the professionals. We gave them a call, explained the situation, and they said they will send a guy over. That was a relief. I would not have wanted to think about lugging the sofa out the door and across town somewhere in order to have it cleaned.

The guy was very helpful, and he was very professional about the whole matter. The apartment was still unkempt from the evening’s events, and while he was working, he also gave some tips about the carpet. He obviously also knew a lot about residential carpet cleaning. I respectfully declined the offer of cleaning the carpet, as it was in the same shape as when I first arrived. The upholstery cleaner obviously knew what he was doing with the sofa, and he was able to fix my problem without inconveniencing me in the least.

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