Auckland’s Beautiful Sceneries – Inspiring Creative Wedding Ideas for Auckland Wedding Photography


Wedding photography isn’t a plain shooting picture of wedding moments. It involves putting into action creative ideas on how, where and when to shoot brides and grooms. Wedding photography in Auckland follows the latest trends in wedding photography and most of these trends are a product of the imaginative way of capturing wedding moments. Auckland offers several great wedding shoot locations that have inspired many wedding photographies trending engagement and wedding shoots.

Use of symmetry and patterns

Auckland’s PB Tec Building is a top wedding shoots location because of its grand staircase with its perfect symmetry.  A creative wedding photographer from Auckland knows too well this piece of an architectural masterpiece can bring out the regal tone of the wedding pictures especially when showcasing perfect and fabulous wedding gowns.

Stunning colors and rock structures

Auckland’s famous beach, the Maraetai is a landscape of golden sand and dark volcanic rocks that simply match the black and white colors of the bride’s gown and groom’s tuxedo. The stunning colors of the blazing red Pohutakawa give a painting effect and mood when capturing intimate moments of the bride and groom. Auckland’s wedding photographers find ways to ensure the beach is available for photoshoots as it provides them the opportunity to come up with eye-catching wedding photos and deliver the most creative wedding photography in town.  Mt, Albert is another Auckland’s beautiful beach that is rich in stunning and unique colors. It is the best venue any time of the year such as during autumn, summer ad spring. Many beautiful wedding images have been inspired by this beautiful beach and it is a favorite inspiration for many a fabulous wedding photography in Auckland.

Nature and its beautiful and natural scenery

Using natural environment has inspired many of Auckland’s wedding artists in delivering highly creative wedding photography. Karekare Falls in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges has been the locations of many wedding photographies in Auckland. Every wedding shoots done here is always an epic shoot with the dark and the thick forest as grand background for engagement and in capturing a couple’s intimate moments.

Wedding photography in Auckland is not only affordable but most known for delivering creative wedding photography. The many beautiful Auckland sceneries serve as a beautiful backdrop for the many inspirational and well-crafted wedding albums.  The collective creative ideas of Auckland’s photographers have delivered wedding photography that’s beautiful, poignant and imaginative. Weddings simply turned into fairytales, romantic adventures, rustic and classic.

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