Flaunt Fabulous Tan Skin Even During the Winter Season

Who says you can’t have gorgeous tanned skin on winter? If you say no you can’t, then you’re among those who haven’t heard and tried the amazing benefits of spray tanning machines.

travel seasonA quick definition of skin spray tan is it’s a beauty treatment wherein the body is sprayed with fine mist to produce an artificial sun tan. It is less time consuming and a lot easier than spreading tanning products over the body.  Spray tanning machines use a tanning solution with Dihydroxyacetone or DHA as the main ingredient. The tan or bronze skin lasts from 3-7 days and spray tanning is safe for all skin types.

Since soaking under the sun for long hours is bad for the skin and you can’t sun bath during winters, turning to artificial tanning is the best option to looking tan during this season. Spray tan products are the easiest way to get the color you want to flaunt during the merry-making season.

You can get spray tanned skin from a variety of devices. Tanning salons have it applied in specially designed booths with several nozzles or jets that are being sprayed to your entire body. There is also a home kit spray tan machine with a compressor or airbrush or air gun that spray fine mist into your body. These spray tan kits are sold with air tank or air hose and tanning solutions. A mobile technician can also provide you a home spray tanning service.

With a lot of partying during the holiday season, getting tan skin is a lot quicker and easier. Once the spraying is done, the tanning solution used by spray tanning machines dries quickly and gives perfect and even tan over the skin. However, there are preparation checklist that you should follow before you allow yourself to have spray tanning.

You should have shaved or waxed before the spray tanning. It is also better to exfoliate your skin the day before and had removed make-up, deodorant or moisturizers. It is also helpful to apply Vaseline or moisturizers on areas like elbows, knees, ankles and palms. A lip balm on your lips helps minimize lips drying during the process.  A shower cap is a must. Finding areas with darker color is normal and you can wipe those areas down after the spray. Don’t use any shampoo or soap for at least 8 hours after the spray. If you go to any spray tans Sydney, you must follow the preparation checklist. This will allow the spray tanning process with best results.

Winter does not excuse you from having a fab tan because there’s spray tan that makes it possible even without the sun.

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