About Us

Malaysia-SkylineSome of us here are journalists, photographers, the common blogger… Others are travel agents while others are just travel aficionados. There are locals here, random visitors from different places all over the globe. Then there are those who feel like Malaysia is where their heart is.

There are two things that all of the authors here have in common: we love traveling and we love Malaysia.

So we’d stroll through the tea plantations of Cameron Highlands, enjoying the cool climes of mountains and the very English scenery of the whole place then write about it. We’d trek around Taman Negara and talk about being in the oldest rainforest in the world. We’d walk around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, sharing our culinary adventures through vivid photos.

We’d like to call this a job – helping other people get to know more about this beautiful Asian country we consider our home (away from home or not) through the stories we share and the pictures we take. But it’s so fun that it hardly is a job.

So… do you love traveling around Malaysia as much as we do? If that’s the case, we invite you to be a contributor as well and share your amazing experiences in and around the country.

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