Specialty Cleaning Services Help Hotels Get Back to Business After a Disaster

Hotels’ cleaning is crucial in keeping guests happy, and when they’re happy, there is high chance of returning. However, hotels don’t just rely on daily housekeeping staff to keep the premises clean, and in times of unwanted scenario such as flood, they turn to special cleaning services like flood damage restoration in Sydney to help them survive the  big mess and invite and welcome guests back.hotel_carpet_clean2

Heavily stained tiles and flooring

Flooring heavily soiled by flood is a heavy job for regular hotel housekeeping and cleaning staff and only professional cleaners can bring back the original look of stained tiles and flooring. Affected hotels turn to flood damage restoration in Sydney to resolve issues and help them cut cost of replacement. Cleaning starts from vacuuming the damaged tiles to get rid of tough dirt left by flood debris and eroded soil. After thorough cleaning, polishing comes next to bring back the shine and luster of tiles. Special tools and cleaning solutions are used in bringing back the shape and flooring’s original look.

Heavily stained carpets

Floods can damage carpets, and hotels with small budget turn to carpet cleaning companies or flood damage restoration in Sydney to get water-damaged carpet get back to its original form, smell and design. Special drying fan is used to speed up the drying process.  Carpet and tile cleaning require the use of steam spray to remove water from water-soaked carpets. Carpets and tiles are sanitized and checked for mold build-ups. Specialty cleaning services don’t just clean flood damaged carpets and tiles but also advices hotels on guidelines on carpet restoration and rug cleaning in flood affected premises and if restoration is not possible as valuable carpets and rugs  are only returned to sanitary condition and items that can become health hazards, discarding is recommended.

 Cleaning after the flood

Hotels can’t afford delays in operation, and hiring a specialty cleaning company to clean after the flood is a sensible move. Professional cleaning company asses first the damage before the cleaning starts. Walls, flooring and furniture are checked and afterwards, the cleaning process starts immediately. Heavy-duty equipments are used in removing the water. Deep cleaning is done and air-drying process is applied.

Hotels must be clean at all times, and in conditions like floods, hotels rely on specialty cleaning partners to help them get back on the business and welcome guests back to a clean and fresh smelling premises they love staying and returning to.

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