Romance in Malacca

Have you ever considered a romantic escapade to somewhere you’ve never been and thought you would never be? If yes, then you should consider traveling to Malaysia, specifically Malacca.

malaccaMy fiancé and I were looking for something new – something to revive and inspire what was already between us. Everyone else goes somewhere traditional and European. But we wanted something different, yet intimate. My fiancé wanted to go somewhere quiet and excluded, while I found myself yearning for culture served in crowds of people. When we came across Malacca, we found both our desires met.

Upon arriving, we checked into the Hotel Puri – an intimately sized hotel within walking distance of historical sites, parks and intricate shops. The prices are affordable and convenient, without deteriorating the services in the slightest. While it is a historical building – aged like a delicious wine – it has all the latest commodities you need to be comfortable. All employees we met were pleasant and more than helpful with our every need. I was able to check up on our itinerary with the complimentary wireless internet, while my fiancé exchanged our currency at the front desk.

The suite we booked had clean, fresh sheets and the mattress and pillows were perfectly restful. In the morning, we bought fresh pastries and coffees from the Heliconia Café and sat in the Sekaya Garden to enjoy the morning. And – before we set out on our day’s adventures – I felt safe and comfortable leaving my laptop and passport in the safe deposit box (complimentarily provided).

Each morning, when stepping through the hotel, we were greeted with a pleasant bustle in the streets. Anyone who visits Malacca would be guaranteed beautiful camera shots. The buildings truly have character. The historical facades tell stories that can only be told through images. The colours are bright, the air is clean, and the locals are pleasant.

We visited many historical sites during our stay, but a truly amazing place was the Castle of “A Famosa.” Though it is deteriorating, its beauty is haunting. Built ca. 1511 under the instruction of Alfonso de Albuquerque, it has a strong personality. Though the gate is all that is left to viewers, it holds a romantic image you’ll never forget. During our time there, we also wandered down Jonker Street, snacked on the Malacca River and enjoyed the Malacca Bird Park.

In the late afternoons, after meandering our way through shops and smiling patrons, we made our way back to the hotel to the Puri Spa, my fiancé desiring some extra relaxation after the bustle of the shops. The Puri Spa utilizes natural practice, peaceful minerals and supplements to help you feel at ease. Offering single and couple sessions, I did not meet a single customer who left displeased with the service.

I would especially recommend this to anyone who wishes a new and inspired getaway. If you travel to Malaysia, you’ll find that Europe just doesn’t quite satisfy your hunger for the perfect romantic escapade. Malasia is the best place to take for your holiday, it is affordable and carries all the beauty.

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