Parkes Accommodations – Additional Attractions of Parkes Region

Sam is a businessman touring regional Australia and was able to find a great business opportunity while visiting Parkes region. Not only that he was able to attend the famous Elvis festival but also had nice words on one of the motel Parkes’ he made as his home base while exploring more of Parkes’ business opportunities. Since he is also running a small hotel business back home, he found Parkes’ hotel business a good business model.


Parkes offers tourists like Sam quality accommodation options with more than 17 motel Parkes, 4 B&B hotels plus backpackers, caravan parks and hotels with 3 to 5 stars rating and a couple of luxury hotels. Parkes accommodation not only offers a home-like environment but also offers visiting businessmen a good place to stay while engaging on some business ventures or while exploring business opportunity at Parkes region. Most of these cheap accommodation Parkes are located near Parkes attractions like The Dish, the world famous Parkes radio telescope, Henry Parkes Center, The Big Fish Fossil Hut, Peak Hill Open Cut Experience, Kelly Reserve and the Memorial Hill. Business tourists like Sam will not only enjoy Australia’s regional beauty but as well as its traditions that are unique and distinctive Australian.

Sam was lucky he came on time with the annual Elvis Presley festival that was held in the second week of January. During this annual celebration and tribute to the King of Rock and Roll tourists across Australia and all over the world gather to enjoy a national festival of honoring Elvis Presley by holding Elvis Night, Elvis Parade and whole day market showcasing Australia’s finest craftsmanship and arts. During  Elvis Presley festival, hotel Parkes offer their best accommodation services not only for visiting businessmen like Sam but as well as for the whole family whether avid fans or not. Sam was not an Elvis fan either however witnessing great performances of Elvis impersonators made him one and became a certified Elvis music fan instantly.

Sam is glad he’d the opportunity to travel Parkes and stayed in one of motel Parkes that gave him business ideas on how to run a small town accommodation while adhering to the world class requirements of visitors including how to be a family-friendly accommodation. Sam will not forget his Elvis Festival experience but most of all the business ideas and opportunities he’d found while visiting Parkes region.  He knew he will be coming back for another Elvis Presley festival and he’ll surely tag along his girlfriend to enjoy it more.

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