Luxury Bali Villas are Keeping up with Travelers’ Choice

Depositphotos_54437107_xsTravelers have incredible range of accommodation options when staying in Bali, Indonesia. One of these is Luxury Bali Villas, which is considered a better alternative to hotels and as a perfect getaway in a wide range of choices. Here’s why.

As private getaway

Bali travelers looking for more private getaway can rent a private studio type Luxury Bali Villa for an affordable nightly rate. A single traveler wanting more space and privacy can easily find Luxury Bali Villas listed in websites and “own” the place for a period of time. Newlyweds and honeymooners will have a great deal of “privacy” while having at the same time a local eye view of their Bali destination.

As short term business headquarter

Business travelers staying in one of the luxury Bali Villas can make them as temporary business address and meet people and clients during a short term stay. A catered type is also best in entertaining clients and for some private “business” party while enjoying the best services including housekeeping staff and a private chef for gourmet lunches and dinners.

As home away from home

Family traveling together finds it more convenient to rent Villas in Bali as most have “homey” ambiance and have a home away from home. There is always a spacious kitchen equipped with modern and homey appliances and furniture, living room and sleeping quarters big enough for large entourage. A spacious yard serves as safe playground or for outdoor activities for the kids and the whole family. Also, a perfect place for kids accustomed to doing their things such as running and screaming just like being at home.

As home based while on the go

Staying in one of the best villas in Seminyak and being a beach lover, travelers can easily hop to Seminyak beach and then to Petiteget beach or enjoy the long stretch of luxury beach resorts, fine restaurant, boutiques and spa and wellness clinics and facilities. Travelers on the go can be welcomed with clean beds and calm environment to help them rest and rejuvenate for the next outdoor adventures. Having big space for everyone, large group or team traveling together would have everyone gathered in one “home”.

As a place for a fashionable lifestyle

Fashionable travelers find all the coziness of luxurious hotels in best Villas in Bali. While most are located in prime and fashionable Bali areas, there are those that are away from tourist’s trap and offer the best and pampering amenities such as Jacuzzi baths, infinity pools and mind-calming interiors and landscapes.

Bali travelers are now being creative in choosing accommodation, and Bali Villas are keeping up with the choice.


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