Iconic Aussie’s Awnings Save the Days of a Certified Sydney Backpacker

Gregg has been enjoying backpacking adventures in most Sydney attractions and he’d stayed in most hostels catering to backpackers like him. While it’s common for tourists like him to say good and bad things on places they’d stayed on, he’s sharing his thoughts on how the iconic Aussie’s awnings either self-crafted or from Awnings Sydney shop, caused him to say only the best words.


Once he had stayed in a 10-bed dorm on a backpacking adventure in Goodang national park and he could have passed over the adventure but his single room accommodation made him decide to go on. The room has a regular size with bed and with TV, DVD player, and a fridge. The window is tall and it could caused him some glare but the armfold awnings with prominent logo of an Awnings Sydney shop made sure he’ll be saved from the heat and the glare. He could control how much light from the sun can get in with its remote control. Since the window is more of a vertical, the awnings are standard vertical with touch control up to 90 degrees.

Gregg before coming to enjoy Sydney, has little or no knowledge on awnings however seeing them on most of the hostels he had stayed on, he developed a certain liking to the iconic awnings. Once he was on a trailer backing adventure, he specially asked his rented trailer track to have a canvass rolled up and he ended up enjoying his trailer camping while trailer traveling in style courtesy of a canvass rolled up from awnings Sydney.

Now, Gregg can easily identify, which awnings come from these shops or what types they are by mere seeing them from afar. He could now tell aluminum patio covers in hostels he’s staying is for permanent shading purposes and why shade screens from Blinds Sydney are mostly used in moderate rate hotels; they’re for added aesthetics while keeping guests shaded from sun and glare. In accommodations where decks are used for entertainment, he had seen and he can identify different types and styles. Retractable awnings as he observed are most commonly used while there are also portable shadings for quick deck covers and shades, and mostly are from Sydney’s prominent shops and some are from folding awnings central coast.

Gregg is a certified Sydney backpacker and he had seen and experienced the better and the worst backpacking scenarios in most Sydney attractions. Hence, attached to Sydney’s accommodation; the iconic Aussie awnings had left him with the best impression as it saves him most from bad days.

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