Eating Delish Lebanese in Sydney

Lebanese cuisine is one of the most delightful of the Middle Eastern cuisines. It features a unique play of flavours in a very healthy manner, owing to the fact that it uses fats sparingly. Eating Lebanese food in Sydney is not a problem because there is a restaurant that serves the most delicious fare.lebanesefood2

Just like the local food back in Lebanon, it is more about grains, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and of course, chicken meat. Yes, chicken is eaten widely. It is consumed more than red meat. The Lebanese food in Sydney is authentic. True to the original menu, it involves large amounts of olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and starches.

The Best Lebanese Food to Try

There are many delicious Lebanese dishes on offer, but those that you can’t miss include the classics. The best Lebanese food in Sydney revolves around their staples like hummus, baba ghanoush, kibbe nayeh, manakeesh, and many others.

Of course, how can we forget shish taouk or chicken kebab? This perfectly spiced dish is a joy to have. It is marinated in some of the favourite spices and seasonings in Lebanon, like yoghurt, garlic, paprika, lemon juice, tomato paste, and olive oil. We are sure simply reading through the marinade ingredients already makes you crave for charcoal chicken in Granville. And we can’t blame you. This is definitely the most delish way to enjoy chicken, Lebanese style.

The Top Lebanese Dish

Chicken kebabs or barbecue is surely the top favourite. In fact, it has spawned various versions, from the simple chicken meat pieces on stick, to BBQ chicken sandwich, to the best chicken and chips combo and many others. You will not have a shortage of counting choices, most definitely.

There may have been different variations to the classic chicken kebab recipe but the original flavour remains king. It is still the most formidable taste that both locals and foreigners alike look forward to having every time they enter a restaurant serving Lebanese dishes. The variations are owed to the different regions that offer them as well, basing to their ingredients on hand, personal tastes, and other preference factors. But when you walk into a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, expect to get a glimpse of that homegrown flavour, plus more.

While the local, authentic flavours of Lebanon prove to be delectable, it does not hurt that the meals are crafted to match the Australian palate. A little adjustment here and there definitely goes a long way.

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