Different Traditional Stories in Chinese or Asian Restaurants In Australia

One of the purposes of traveling is to know the story of each place. There are stories that will amaze tourists, especially when you eat their traditional food. Traveling is not just about the place, but it also includes food. Exploring is not complete when food is not around.


Chinese or Asian Restaurants in Australia are most visited by tourists. Amongst of these is the waterfront restaurant, it serves Chinese or Asian food such as Chinese bbq, oysters, fish fillet and more.

Here are some of the stories that you should know in these 4 restaurants in Australia:


  • It is a modern Japanese restaurant in the street of Barangaroo. Mostly the food is customized with robata grill. Aside from that, their wines are placed in a temperature-controlled wine room. There are also wines and same dishes that you can find at a waterfront restaurant in Australia. Different story and style, but have a similar menu.


  • It is commonly known as traditional poke and nourish bowls. It’s inspired by the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian Flavors. It is more on vegetables with no refined sugars and more. You can also build your own because people are following the beliefs about Buddha bowls. You can also see another menus or dishes which can be found at waterfront restaurant.

Madame Shanghai

  • This is a unique cuisine as well. Tourist wants to keep coming back for more because of its classical concept. There are old school elegance inside the restaurant combined with a playful color which symbolizes 1930’s Shanghai. If you are looking for an Omasake in Sydney, you will be able to get it here.

Dumpling Bar

  • If you are looking for a CBD dumpling house, you will be able to see it in Australia. This restaurant was built in 1990s for Sydney Port Authority. Even if it is classical, the service is still professional where you will be able to enjoy every seconds.

There are still a lot of Chinese or Asian restaurants in Australia that you will experience. If you are craving Chinese BBQ, there’s a lot of cuisines that serves like that.

There are also dishes that satisfy your stomach like in Barangaroo restaurants. Your vacation will be more fun if you taste different traditional restaurants in Australia.

Now that you know some of the stories that you will experience when traveling Australia, pack your things and go. Experience and embark every dumpling restaurant that you meet in that place.

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